Monday, May 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged

BigStar tagged me last week, so I thought I would finally oblige.

A - Available or Single? It depends on who is asking, so does my name.

B - Best Friend?
Kate, Amanda, Bethy, Kristin, Allie, Lo, BigStar, Lindsay, Meg, Dan, Chris, John, Andrew, Tim, Matty, Mikie, Theresa, Johanna, Mr. Brownie Sundae; ummm, there’s not enough room here to list the rest of my awesome friends…I truly love all of you and am tremendously grateful for your amazing friendship whether or not you are listed.

C - Cake or Pie? Cupcakes, preferably chocolate with peanut butter frosting

D - Drink of Choice? Gin & grapefruit juice, shots of whiskey or tequila are also acceptable; oh and water
E - Essential Item(s)? Sunscreen, my little red notebook, my mini green pen, finger nail clippers, and my Sonicare toothbrush

F - Favorite Color? Purple and Green

G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Both

H - Hometown?
Middle of no where New England

I - Indulgence? Magazines….lots and lots of them.

J - January or February? Always, always February

K - Kids? None, but I have a brood of muchachos I religiously keep track of because I love them so much.

L - Life is incomplete without:
books and hugs.

M - Marriage Date? Never been married but this one is easy, it will be July 4, 20XX. Doesn’t matter the year or what he thinks. The 7/4 part is non-negotiable. I really don’t care about the other details. (Nor do I actually plan to have a traditional wedding. I like parties.)

N - Number of Siblings? One

O - Oranges or Apples? Apples, I eat one every day, but I prefer oranges if they are already cut up and ready to go.

P - Phobias/Fears? Schizophrenia (BigStar, quit laughing). Oh, and I fear I’ll marry the wrong person.

Q - Favorite Quote: “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Love is friendship on fire.” ~ Mr. Ben Fieldman

R - Reasons to Smile? My friends & family, good hair days, My Great Grandmother’s wink, dessert, the cat face, listening to my favorite songs, anything karate, Whole Foods, & hearing my Nana swear always cracks me up

S - Season? Summer, but I do enjoy them all

T - Tag Three: Allie , Lo, and Bethy (that means you better get cracking girl!)

U - Unknown Fact About Me:
I will not live with a man before I am engaged to him.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?
I don’t really eat meat but I’m not a formal vegetarian either.

W - Worst habits? I’m always late. I think it’s because the word is in my last name. Also, I can be indecisive, but I’m working on it. In addition, I sometimes do not listen to my intuition even though I know I’m right.

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds? Despite my desire to be a radiologist, Neither.

Y - Your Favorite Foods? Pretty much anything but lobster or gross black things served to me at Chinese restaurants that I have to hide in rice, as not to offend the chef who especially made it for me.

Z – Zodiac? I’ll buy you a drink if you can guess (if you already know, then you can’t play).

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