Friday, May 11, 2007

California Part III

My Saturday was a lazy day. I spent the majority of the morning reading a bad book, watching Alé run around with his father and aunt, and sitting on the porch doing absolutely nothing.

(Alé dancing with Sammy)

David and his lovely sister introduced me to an amazing movie about Flamenco called "Vengo". I was lucky enough to see the bonus tracks where the dancers were phenomenal. I was inspired to learn to move in ways one cannot describe in words. It was awesome.

Once Kate made it home from her clinical, we all enjoyed lunch and indulged in more conversation. Since it was noontime, we whipped out the wine glasses, poured some bubbly, and dove into the brownies. There is nothing quite like brownies and wine for lunch. I thought for sure my vacation could not get any better than this. Life was more than good. We spent a quiet afternoon talking about birth, taxes, plants, Herbology, dinner, etc. Our conversations were hearty and plentiful. Kate and I discussed how many unique "people" one person actually makes up over a lifetime. A person fundamentally is the same, but over time, evolves into so many different "people" as she grows much like the mantra everything has changed but nothing is different. It was the kind of conversation only two good friends could have where we discuss the merits of each "self" that has surfaced during different periods of our lives. David put it best when he said it was so nice we were friends from childhood. It puts a different slant on being a "grown up" because we knew each other "when." Of course, this conversation eventually rested on the question of what we were going to eat for dinner. We decided on Chipotle, which is probably one of my most favorite places ever. I could eat there every day of the week and still love it. They have the freshest, tastiest food. It is to die for. If I had to chose between a life of celibacy and infinite Chipotle or a lovely Latin lover forever and ever, I think I'd chose the lonely burritos. You think I'm joking, but seriously, I've been known to drive through two states just to eat lunch there.

Kate and I hopped in the car to fetch food. We were still gabbing away only the conversation took a slightly girly turn as we discussed my ex-boyfriends and how one of them had a last night that sounded like a "sex position". I almost died laughing when Kate made the suggestion. We continued to talk about worms, jokes, books, food, the beauty of dessert, just so many thoughtful and genuine exchanges that my mind immediately began scheming of ways for me to stay. I realized how much I desperately needed this vacation.

Dinner was absolutely spectacular. I had a burrito that was out of this world. I cannot wait to have another one. It was warm, fresh, and enormous.

I believe I converted Kate and David because we didn't really talk the entire time we feasted. After dinner, David's family arrived to drop his sister off, which Kate and I took as an opportunity to go on an adventure. We furtively slipped out the back door on the hunt for The Chocolate Box Cafe . We drove through a few towns before we located our final destination for the evening. When we entered the gorgeous store, I could barely believe all this wonderful goodness was in one room. We circled around the counter only to discover we were allowed to taste as many of the sinfully lusciously hand- made-flown-in-from-Belgium chocolates as we wanted. I began to wonder if it was fair for one person to enjoy so many divine things in a week. I started to feel guilty about it but was distracted by the chili pepper chocolate round Kate handed me to try.

Each piece was a form of art work. They were beautifully pristine. We tried so many different kinds we almost did not even need to buy any. However, we got a box (shown above) to eat outside at the cafe table on the sidewalk. We eagerly opened the box to share and criticize each round. -GENTLEMEN (well those who have ladies who love chocolate), if you cannot think of a gift or if you are in the dog house I promise you this will get you almost anything you want. If you're looking to impress, do not delay any longer. You can even order online. What the heck are you waiting for??? GO!!- Anyway, words fail me here, you just have to see for yourself. Go try it. As we sampled our desserts, we talked about the good old days and what we would have done in college if we had a car. I believe we would have conquered all the states west of the Mississippi, half of Canada, most of Mexico, and parts of Central America. If the Volvo had been at our disposal, it would have been much much more. Kate and I have no qualms about spontaneous trips, walks, adventures, basically anything remotely appealing or intellectually stimulating to us. If one of us wanted to go bowling in Canada, the other would get the balls and shoes. I think she is one of the only people I know who is as eager and curious as I am. This was the point in the conversation where I could remind her she was a cool parent. Weird, she's a P-A-R-E-N-T. I do not doubt she and David will resemble Robin and Mike when it comes to their children's freedom. We also talked about how we were the "cool" kids in high school because we could see a world outside of lunch or the 'senior corner'. Just talking about it with her made me feel a part of myself revive. It was almost as if we knew more about life during those times and were more 'grown-up' then than we are now. Life was more philosophical and less bureaucratic. We would never fall into meritocracy or settle for anything that didn't jive with our beliefs. For at least that Saturday night, we were sophisticated girls who discussed life over champagne chocolates. It was in that moment I decided she and I must make sure our families live in a villa together somewhere someday soon.

Once we finished our dessert, we headed home to bring David a treat and to have a drink. The drink of choice was Mexican hot chocolate (for comparison). It was yummy. When we headed off to bed, Kate said to me, "Your homework is to get some new glasses."

I laughed hysterically then crawled into bed. I could not help but think I did not want to go home....

to be continued

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