Friday, April 06, 2007

Watch Your Words

This weekend, my little muchacho, Ryan, and I were talking about the weather. It was a gorgeous, sunny, refreshing spring day. Ryan and I were looking out our big picture window admiring the lovely tree in our front yard when I mentioned I was kind of sad to see winter go. He said he liked snow. While we both were very happy to see the sunshine and birds, we felt the winter went by a little too fast. I was thinking about how I probably would not have another winter for almost two years, which made this New England girl slightly nostalgic. Ryan was probably thinking about snowballs, snow forts, and playing outside for recess. Neither of us actually thought we'd wake up yesterday morning to the lovely sight pictured above (view of our backyard from the bathroom window). When I said I missed winter, I really meant I missed the part where it was perfectly acceptable to snuggle up cozily in bed with a book in hand without regrets about being lazy because the snow was an excellent excuse for doing nothing. Boots, gloves, fuzzy socks, purple hats, and fleece is required. I miss those things. However, I do not miss shoveling for an hour, having wet shoes, having to wait on the draw bridge on my way into town (where I watched a house three doors down from my previous residence burn to the ground), or realizing for the tenth time it's necessary to get a Suburban because I almost died twice in one day while driving on roads the town has forgotten to plow. Although, I will admit the trees, with their heavily burdened white limbs, looked magnificent yesterday. Oh and there's the awesome Plowman who saved the day when he showed up half-way through our shoveling. YAY PLOWMAN!!! Lesson for the day: Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it.

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