Friday, April 13, 2007

Rest in Peace Kurt Vonnegut

I would like to take this moment to remember Kurt Vonnegut, the astounding author. I recently read his novel, "A Man Without A Country" only to be moved once again by his brilliant insights. If you have not read at least one of his works, I highly recommend picking up at least this novel. I failed to comment on the book earlier because I wanted to read it again, which I'll do sooner rather than later now.


Ross Douglas said...

Kurt Vonnegut died? When the hell did this happen? And more to the point, why the hell wasn't I informed?

Strangely (sp?) I recently picked up Vonnegut's masterpiece "Slaughterhouse Five" and loved it all over again. (This'll be the third reading of slaughterhouse for me.)

Poo-tee-weet Kurt. Via con dios and all that guff...

cupcake said...

I found out because Borders sent an email titled, "Remembering Kurt," which prompted me to google news the incident. It's very sad indeed. You should check out his new book. It's hysterical. He just rambles about things but with a truth only someone his age could.