Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A lovely Weekend at North Conway Hampton Inn

The weekend of April 6th, BigStar, her muchachos, Heidi, her nephews and I took a trip to North Conway, NH to have a jolly time at the indoor water park that just opened there. We were pleased to discover the hotel was quite nice, very well decorated, and had a friendly atmosphere. I was very impressed with the workmanship (however, I'm slightly biased). Our room was very cozy, clean, and comfortable. A nice detail I really like is the black and white pictures on the door number signs. The pictures add a touch of home to the ambiance.

The water park was fantastic, even for adults. The green slide is a tunnel completely dark inside. All at once you bust out of the bottom of the slide into the water. It's just awesome. Even the employees were incredibly astounding. Instead of yelling at the children and being grouchy bullies, they played with them and adequately addressed concerns about safety in a constructive manner. It was a nice bonus, as our crowd consisted of four children and three adults. I have to commend all the muchachos for their excellent behavior, even if Kyle tried to kill himself multiple times. You'd think the child would stay away from the large pool after nearly drowning, but no, he was right back at it. I cannot decide if he was demonstrating resilience or stupidity. I guess we'll find out when he's about 14. (It's not looking promising at 4 though...) Matty and I had a fabulous time racing on the water slides. Just an F.Y.I. for those of you who decide to do the same, the green slide is much faster, especially if you lay down, just don't forget to plug your nose as soon as you see the water. Princess Emily was superb as well. She did a fine job of entertaining herself for the majority of the time we were away. Despite being out numbered three to one, she resorted to her independence and adventurous side ignoring the boys completely. I have to say, the entire time we were in the room, which was probably an hour and a half total for the weekend, the boys wrestled on the bed. That is all they did. It was like a scene right out of WWF. They were completely content flipping each other over and body slamming each other NON STOP. I have never seen anything like it. I just watched them in awe until I realized they were boys and there was no explanation for their behavior.

After the muchachos went to bed, I headed downstairs to read my book in the main room by the fire and ENORMOUS flat screen TV. It was warm and quiet with the feeling of a dorm or community room. I had not felt cozy in a public situation like that since I was in college. I definitely could live in a hotel. I know I've said it many times before, but my experience by the fire sealed my hunch.

The next morning was Easter. The muchachos were ecstatic to find the Easter bunny had left them very generous baskets. It was fun to see them all excited while eating chocolate bunnies at 7:30 a.m. It did not take them long to decide they wanted to head back down to the water park, but before we did, we headed to breakfast, which is included in your stay. I found myself a pleasant spot on the couch to read my book among all the families dinning. As I settled in, I noticed a father sitting at a table behind me with his three daughters. He was eating breakfast and doting on them in Spanish. The girls were very well behaved while they delighted in their father's attention. I was distracted from them by a lovely older Canadian couple who sat down next to me. They both gave a friendly greeting then proceeded to discuss bits and pieces in French. I chuckled to myself because I thought how strange it was to be sitting at a hotel in New Hampshire with a Hispanic family rambling in Spanish behind me and a Canadian family rattling in French next to me. I enjoyed the contrast. The couple changed the channel from Shark fishing on ESPN2 to the dog show on Animal Planet, which made me laugh out loud. They clinked their coffee glasses together while simultaneously nodding "Cheers" to each other. After a few sips of their drinks, they had a smooch, then held hands while commenting in French on the dog show. I love older couples. I love to watch how they interact with each other, how they find little moments of delight to share amidst the rather ordinary morning, and how they give me hope. They are living proof love exists. Sometimes, I have a difficult time believing until I see instances such as the one I witnessed on Easter. I found myself giggling into my book until I was moved to return to my room.

While the muchachos were playing in the water park after breakfast, I snuck up to the room to hide the chocolate eggs the girls had forgotten the previous night. I then returned to the lobby to make it less obvious I was the one who did it. My attempt to be discrete was thwarted by Matty, age 9. As soon as I walked back into the room from my rendez-vous reading on the couch, he cornered me. In his most serious tone, he said, "You're the Easter bunny." I tried desperately not to laugh. I've never been accused of such nonsense in all my life. I sternly replied, "Excuse me?" He retorted, "You were the only person in the room while we were gone. When we left, there were no eggs. When we came back, there were eggs. You did it." Well Perry Mason, looks like you caught me, however, I refused to indulge his critical thinking skills thereby inquiring, "What eggs? You mean these ones?" I picked up an egg that clearly was not the one about which he was talking. "No the little chocolate ones." Matty declared. I asked him to see the eggs, and upon delivery, I told him I had no idea about what he was talking, as I had not see such eggs until this very moment. He just looked at me and walked off. I do not believe I was successful, but I refuse to be the one to break the news about the Easter Bunny or any other fictional character for that matter. I'd rather not be the bubble buster.

Needless to say, the weekend was a success, even for the "grown-ups." If you're thinking of making a trip to NH, I highly recommend staying at the Hampton Inn there. It is a lot of fun.

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