Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BigStar's Birthday Bash

As you all know, April 12th was BigStar's birthday. She definitely celebrated in a "big" way....

I telephoned her at work around 11:00 a.m. She promptly answered the phone by telling me she was leaving work early, around lunch. I looked at the clock on the phone again and inquired when "lunch" would start for her seeing as though I'd already had lunch (I have this annoying habit of eating lunch twice: 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the days I do eat lunch). She informed me of her plan to meet Heidi at our house at noon where they would promptly start drinking and "jamming out to Kenny." (In case you were wondering, they are best friends who seem to carry on unrequited and very intimate relationships with Kenny Chesney. He might not know it, but they are all best friends.) Her announcement threw my plan to run to the house at lunch, decorate some, organize the present I had, etc. I told her I was heading home as well so I'd meet her there. I immediately left as soon as I hung up the receiver. I was able to gather the present and do a few things before Heidi showed up with the beer. Five minutes later, Erin strolled through the door. We chatted long enough for the girls to crack open the first beer, set the computer up, and to create a playlist for the day. This was the scene when I left them:

Fast forward to about 6:45 p.m. I was on my way to pick them up from the place where I was house/pet sitting when my phone rang. I answered only to be met by a huge laugh. "You're drunk." I recoiled. BigStar said, "Can you get us some more beer?" I asked her if she was sure seeing as though they just drank 18 and we were on our way to the restaurant. She insisted they "needed" it. Despite my hesitations, I bought them a six-pack en route. This was the scene when I showed up:

Needless to say, the ladies were ready to go. The three of us piled into my car and headed to the local Mexican watering hole to have dinner with Allie, Lindsay, and Dylan. Luckily, our fantastic waiter, Andrew, sat us upstairs AWAY from everyone with the exception of a couple in the corner. Unfortunately, they had a front row seat to a show they did not want to see. We tried to apologize when they left, however, they shrugged us off without a word.

The evening was HIGHLY entertaining. BigStar told Andrew about 1500 times it was her birthday, she spilt her first margarita then proceeded to suck it up off the table with a straw, oh and there's the small incident where Erin asked Andrew what she should do about Kenny: Boobs? or No Boobs? (feel free to cast your vote as well. I'm sure she'd appreciate it). Andrew sat down at our table and gave a very profound answer for a man of his age. I think we all had a little crush on him with the exception of Dylan, who seemed a little offended by an opinion he expressed earlier in the evening. All I can say is it's a good thing we had Andrew to cater to Erin and that we sat upstairs AWAY from people because BigStar did not hold back. Between her trying to set up a blind date with another friend of ours (much to her dismay, as she is not the type to go for something like that), to Alex and she calling each other incessantly, then to her pocketing the candle holders from two of the tables, (completely encouraged and not by her friends) I'm pretty sure she had a great time. Watching the scene was a good enough time for the rest of us. Poor Andrew. I hope he doesn't hide the next time he sees us...

Upon departure, Erin nearly tripped when she stood up to go down the stairs. Of course we escorted her to the car but not without taking bets on whether she'd fall or not. Once we were in the car, Heidi showcased my purple sparring gear to the talking mistletoe Lindsay hung up for her (don't ask). We called it an evening after that. . Chalk up another marvelous celebration!

P.S. BigStar made it through the night and the next day...barely :)

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Allie said...

What a night! Big Star cracked me up all night! Fun stuff!!!