Friday, March 30, 2007

The Queen of Coincidences enjoys a Luxury Box at the Garden

Wednesday night, my coworkers and I jumped into a van to go to the Celtics Game at the TD Banknorth Garden. We stopped briefly at the liquor store to get some supplies for our journey in the van. Don't ask me why but we thought it would be a good idea. We arrived about 45 minutes before the game started so we could settle into our LUXURY BOX, which was fully equipped with two flat screen TVs, fridges, TONS OF FOOD, a computer with the internet, a bathroom, and a telephone with buttons specifying "Food & Beverage", "Concierge", and other randomness. It was awesome. I am uncertain that I can watch a game by any other means now, well maybe court side.... this could be an issue but I'll just say it was spectacular for the one night.

So you're wondering how the "Queen of Coincidences" came to be in the title of this post? Let me back track for a moment. Let's rewind to Wednesday afternoon before getting on the van. I was eagerly awaiting the events of the evening when I received an email from my most favorite friend. The opening line read:

"I just want to warn you about the game. It turns out Mr. Big Socks and his crew are going to the game tonight." Following this sentence was a list of boys from this very strange group of young men who were going. The list included none other than the infamous Mr. Houdini . I was immediately annoyed and for many good reasons. Seriously, what are chances he would end up at the game the same night I was sitting in a luxury box? I haven't been to a Celtics game since high school. Things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME!!! As a result of these very random occurrences, I was given the crown for the "Queen of Coincidences." I fear I will not be able to get rid of it any time soon...

Back to the game. Our view was excellent:

The crew of people who went with me was more than entertaining and super awesome. Rumor has it there is a video of us trying to get on the big screen during one of the overtimes. There is also an email circulating the office with the subject of "incriminating photos" which scares me a little bit. Some how I managed to stay out of intentional and unintentional trouble ~ a down right miracle if you ask me.

The highlight of the evening was when we ran out of decent beer. My lovely coworker, Tina, and I were standing at the nearly empty fridge when we decided to call down for more beverages. I picked up the phone and pushed a button. The man who answered said he'd be glad to help and that he'd send someone right up. Talk about service. Less than a minute later, the waiter came into our box to take our order. I told him we needed more beer. He looked at me and very sternly said, "Not for you." He gave me the once over and then added very seriously, "You look like you're about 15." I was shocked. Tina busted out laughing. It was embarrassing. I might need to reconsider the pigtails, and I never will cut all my hair off again. We ended up "borrowing" beer from the next box over. Turns out, if they leave the door to their box open, you're entitled to raid their fridge. I do not really spend a lot of time in these boxes so I'm not certain of the proper etiquette so I'm not sure I trust the waiter on this one either. Luckily, we did end up with a replenished stock. I swear it was the waiter and not me.

After the third period and probably too many beers, I took a break from the high life to venture to no man's land to say hello to Mr. Houdini. It was highly comical. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe he just doesn't get it. Our brief three minutes conversation ended with him saying the ever so famous line of "I'll call you." Oh please, like I'm going to answer. Shameless. Let's just chalk that one up in the "Loss" column and move on, shall we? (Besides, I'm pretty sure a phone call isn't going to cut it buddy.)

Jean locked me out of the luxury box for leaving. She finally let me back in just in time to watch the remaining two minutes of the game. The Celts tied it up to put the game in over-time TWICE. We all cheered, danced, and enjoyed the fantastic game. The Celtics defeated the Magic to make for a perfect evening. It truly was probably one of the most exciting NBA games I've seen, but then again, my ambiance might have had an affect.

I'd like to thank Laurie for letting me borrow Mikie. I'd like to thank Mikie for putting up with me and my coworkers (we were allowed to bring friends). I would also like to thank the marvelous people at TD Banknorth for sharing their box with us.

Turns out, I can consume large quantities of alcohol and behave myself, I should never wear that outfit again, I might need to reconsider the pig tails, and I might need to invest in a luxury box sometime in the future. What a blast! (more pictures here. )

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