Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Weekend: Baby Shower, Basketball, More Basketball and Booze

Friday night, it was snowing like mad here, which undoubtedly put a damper on my plans and highlighted my inability to be prepared for anything despite my desperate attempts to over correct for the primary basis of my existence being a result of unpreparedness, which always seems to come back and haunt me. If you got that then good, I'll ask you to explain it to me later. Anyway, I went to karate as usual and planned to go to the grocery store then to Amanda's to watch the god awful Villanova game. Instead of being smart, prepared, and aware, I went straight home to shower. I headed out to get food an hour later only to almost die two miles from my house. I immediately turned around and cursed my earlier comment to Big Star about missing winter. It would be awesome if our kitchen was well stocked and ready to go for someone who is always volunteering to bake a cake for something. You'd think I would get a clue, but no. I spent a good portion of the game standing in my living room at the ironing board mixing cake while watching the game and cursing the announcers. Since Erin and I do not keep frosting or cake in our cupboards (for good reason), I had to bake a cake from scratch and then make the frosting. I was hoping to get around this due to the intricate design of the cake I planned to prepare for Krista's baby shower. I finally finished baking and cooling the damn thing around 1 a.m. Then I continued to torture myself by playing snood for an hour knowing I had to get up at 8 to make the freaking frosting. Go figure.

I woke up to find a blanket of snow covering the drive way, which took me 1.5 hours to shovel because the plow man had forgotten to come dig us out. I had an hour to frost the cake and get it to the party. I gingerly opened the cupboard only to discover we had no powdered sugar. Of course not, why would we? I threw all my stuff into the car and struggled vehemently to get up over the hill at the end of our road until I was finally on a nicely cleared main road. I made it to Krista's with a half hour to spare before the party started. Luckily, I was armed with lots of Betty Crocker frosting courtesy of the local grocery store. I began frosting my creation only to realize a quarter of the way into my task that I did not have enough. The good man Tim came to the rescue by running out to get more. Meanwhile I spent the remainder of the party frosting the cake. I partook in about a half hour worth of events, which was fine by me, as I was the only single girl there and one of the few non-moms. I have to admit the cake came out exceptionally well for the amount of drama surrounding it's preliminary stages. I was quite proud and as soon as Tim emails me the pictures, I'll share my culinary prowess with everyone. YAY, chocolate cake that I could not bring myself to eat because we'd spent far too much time together. Although, I did bring myself to cheat on it with three of the delicious red raspberry and chicken mini pitas Meg and Tim made. (SOO GOOD!!)

The shower was enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief time I spent with Meg (I MISS YOU) and Krista. It's always wonderful to see them. It was also a pleasure to meet some new people and as usual, it was good to see Tim, Danny, and Isak. However, I felt a little out of place amongst the woman whose lives were NOTHING like mine. Not that it's wrong or bad or anything like that, it's just that I was not in the same place, figuratively. I do not have a male counterpart and probably won't any time soon (Not to mention the thought of someone actually wanting to spend the rest of his life with me makes me laugh hysterically because it sounds so ridiculous). I also do not have children. I've spent my life around other people's children, and as a result of this, sometimes I worry that I don't want any myself. I love them, I really do, I mean look at me and the muchachos: I spend my evenings coloring stars with glitter and having occasional sword fights as Will Turner, but at the baby shower, I could not help but realize I had this uncomfortable and somewhat alarming feeling that maybe I do not want to have my own children. God, it would be my luck that I have two sets of male twins. Watching all these women and toddlers gave me anxiety. I took great solace in the fact that I was leaving the party to go to Amanda's to eat, drink, and be merry watching basketball and more movies than I've watched all year sans responsibility to anyone or for anyone. Do I want to be a mother was the question I kept thinking while listening to all the "ooohs" and "aaaahs" while Krista opened her gifts. I finally settled on the fact that I did not have to answer this question at the moment and might not ever have to. Plus, there are plenty of lovely little ones around to entertain me in the meantime (like Isak with his awesome counter dancing).

After the party, I headed straight to Whit's and settled in nicely next to the fire to watch the games. I'm not sure at what point it happened but before I knew it, we'd consumed two bottles of wine and multiple shots of SoCo and lime, which resulted in a plethora of phone calls to our friends who were out and about celebrating the shamrock. Eventually, we settled in to watch "Casino Royale" only to have Amanda abruptly announce she HAD to go to bed. (She ALWAYS finishes a movie!) Allie and I managed to go to bed around 3:30. I realized I probably should stop spending my Saturday nights in a drunken oblivion, as it makes for a wasted Sunday and accounts for immense consumption of Gatorade.

We spent the entire Sunday in front of the tv watching six movies, basketball games, countless TV shows and a very disturbing episode of "Desperate Housewives" (can you believe she took hostages and actually SHOT two??? I was getting ready to go home when I saw the crazy lady shoot the whore, which made me sit right back down). I would like to take this moment to ask 'the people' if they watch "Extreme Home Makeover" without crying? Is there a reason they need to make us cry EVERY FREAKING WEEK??!?! Seriously, is this necessary? I mean I practically bawl when I see the commercials so you can imagine the stream when I see the show. These last two episodes have been particularly tough on the heart. Gosh, I might need a vacation from it.

I think I maybe left the recliner once to go get Subway and Diet Orange Soda for us. That is my idea of heaven: best friends, food, drinks, fire, and a comfy recliner. I can't imagine anything better. (Ladies, I love you.)

Here's a run down of the movies we watched. I recommend seeing them all. Entertainment can be derived from each.

"Wimbledon": I like Kirsten Dunst. She's cute, and I secretly wish I had red hair like hers and was a famous tennis player aside from my high school career. Cute movie.

"A Good Year": Excellent movie. I loved Russell Crowe in it. I secretly wanted to be the girl version of him in the movie. Living with an Uncle by myself in France playing tennis, writing checks, throwing things in the house, and swimming in the big ol' pool sound like childhood heaven to me. Oh and the drinking wine bit helped too. What a great movie! Anyone who needs to be reminded of the important things in life needs to see this.

"When Harry Met Sally": I am embarrassed to admit this was my first viewing of this classic. It was good and since it is a classic, I'm sure I don't need to tell you to see it.

"Overnight Delivery": Funny, cute, and entertaining. Reese Witherspoon is a bad ass brunette in the movie. And the guy is hot. That makes it worthwhile for both genders. Plus, who doesn't like a movie about college and love?

"Under Cover Blues": This was a great movie because it's hysterical and it's about all the cool things I wish I could do, well basically, it's the martial arts expert involved in espionage but on a very comedic level. I am not ashamed to admit I would like a marriage much like the one between the Blues. They are funny, light hearted, bad ass, and very much a team. I enjoyed this movie immensely and can't wait to see it again. I think I'd like to find myself a Mr. Blue.

"Casino Royal": previously written and completely unchanged opinion . Rent it!

"My Father the Hero": All I have to say is that we need to find a Ben for Erin. Izzie is still a beast or maybe it was a precursor to her character on "Grey's" but she did become a likable teenager so maybe there's hope that she'll become a likable friend to George. The movie makes French dads seem very chic. Must see for all females.

I can't wait until Thursday when I resume my position next to Allie and Amanda in front of the TV. (Did I just write that? Look what you guys are doing to me!)


Shesabigstar said...

Ok, that post actually made it clear to everyone that you're NOT a TV fan because that episode of Desperate Housewives was a REPEAT!

And my personal take on Extreme Home Makeover is that it's free therapy. I too cry every single time I watch...and I don't mean a few tears...I mean boo-hoo like a baby crying. It's my weekly outlet!

I'm jealous of your tv/movie nights with the girls...can we move at least one of the nights to our house so that I can join in on the festivities? I mean once a week was ok, but come on...Thurs, Sat, Sun...I can't take it. I was lonely on Sunday. Now that the vermin have vanished, surely we can make Sunday nights a ritual at OUR house.

cupcake said...

You're too funny. I will do my best to sway the ladies from the fireplace.

It really was a repeat?

Ross Douglas said...

It would seem that your biological clock has begun ticking my dear...

What I'd like to know is how come when I suggest a whole day of watching movies to my friends they all look at me like I'm retarded?

Chris said...

I'll trade you one boring Saturday night where I sit around and watch TV on the couch for one of your drunken endeavors requiring copious quantities of gatorade!!

cupcake said...

Dear Ross,

I do believe you mixed up the saying. The clock ticks when you WANT children, not when you DON'T want them. I think I'm the opposite of the little drummer, gratefully for now.

P.S. It's because your friends don't come from a place where Hollywood is worshiped.

Dear Chris,

The irony of that is we ARE sitting on the couch (or recliner in my case) watching TV. It's just that there is liquor involved. A few g & ts and your night would look much like ours.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but if I had to sit around on the couch drinking gin, I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as if you were somehow involved in the 'party'

Chris said...

ooops, that previous comment is all me (as if you couldn't figure it out)