Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mail Order Husband

Friday night, Lo, Allie, Whit, and I searched the internet for a mail order husband. After taking a brief survey, this is the husband they set me up with...

"Arnaud, Sarcelles, France
Good day to you. I am seeking (how you say) friendly woman who has a job. I like enormously the music, football, the cinema... I am has the search of the healthy relations (friendship or love) and for a constructive communication, because sometimes I a little only smell myself..."

I think I'll take my chances in the open market...


Ross Douglas said...

Jeebus H Christos!

He makes me look like Tom Cruise in comparison. (Apart from the whole wacky Scientiology Messiah thing.)

There may be hope for me yet.

cupcake said...


Isn't it funny? I love the Internet!