Thursday, March 01, 2007

"I wish they all could be Villanova Girls"

Yes, I am guilty of subscribing to the online edition of "The Villanovan". I get nostalgic. Plus, it has news about our beloved basketball team and occasionally, pictures of Jay Wright (who is hot). Not to mention it makes me feel better about the whopping $1,200 check I send to the nice student loan people every month (I'll refrain from commenting on my overpriced and overrated education for now). Today, I found this article about Villanova girls. I think it's quite accurate and humorous. I can't wait to read what he writes when he graduates...

I wish they all could be Villanova girls - Opinion

P.S. You probably won't hear from me for a couple of days because I'm too busy trying not to die. I just need to make it through my blue belt test on Saturday. Geettt..... theeerree...

Assuming I make it to then, y'all are welcome to come watch. Just shoot me an email and I'll send you the info. I can't promise it will be my best performance, however, the others who are testing will make up for me. They are awesome.

Oh and in case something should happen (My head bursts because of my fever or I choke while coughing or just pass out from feeling awful) please know that I love you guys. Seriously, I.LOVE..YOU! And if this boy hacks into my blog to make a post, it's not good (worry not, I gave him permission).

Happy reading & BE WELL!!

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