Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Russian Secret Agent

Obviously, I am slightly obsessed with Alexander Litvinenko's story. I saw the special on Dateline Sunday night. I've always wanted to be a spy, a Jane Bond, a secret agent, intelligence broker, Charlie's Angel kind of girl. ANYTHING along those lines makes me so excited I could cry. I would and could happily give up my mundane life to hide in the shadows and play the game of international espionage. I've even considered a career in the CIA, FBI, or any intelligence Bureau that actually would have me. All of this fascinates me. Now would anything like this really happen? Probably not unless someone from the one of the fore mentioned Bureaus reads this and decides Cupcake is just what they are looking for...(If someone really is reading this and considering enlisting me, I promise to keep it semi quiet, yet I can't promise I won't blog about it).

Kristin and I were discussing a few things I'd have to change in order to do this. First of all, I'd have to give up alcohol because I'd be too worried of losing control or being seduced by an uncanny male agent. Second, I probably would not eat or drink anything in public places or restaurants. After all, that is how Mr. Litvinenko was poisoned with radio active chemicals. I might perpetually be worried and skeptical of everyone and anything, but that isn't anything new, as I already am. It would just be on an entirely new level. I would have to make sure I'm really a Ninja, as in go to China to train. I fear my purple soon to be blue belt isn't quite enough. Oh and it would help if I had the "balls" to really do something like this. I believe this line of work takes "pull up your skirt" to an entirely new level.

While it is easy for me to indulge in my little fantasy of being a cool spy, it is a grave matter. Secret Agent Alexander was poisoned with RADIO ACTIVE CHEMICALS worth more than $2,000,000.00. That is some serious business. I have to wonder, what could he possibly have known or done to warrant such a gruesome death? Is there anything in this world that merits such destructive and hostile actions? I'm intrigued and saddened.

Since watching the story, I've researched Polonium-210. It was discovered by Marie Curie, an amazing scientist and woman, and named after her native country of Poland. The substance is state controlled and exceptionally rare. Polonium is a million more times more deadly than cyanide. He lived 22 DAYS with the poison attacking his system. TWENTY-TWO DAYS.

It all makes me wonder what really happens behind the scenes in governments and secret agencies..

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