Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"I don't know much about Geography..."

A local Irish pub features trivia night on Tuesdays. Ryan, Allie and I braved the cold and forwent the Mardi Gras celebrations in order to flex our intellectual muscles. The rest of the group bowed out at the last minute, which was fine because we did reasonably well considering...

The game consists of ten rounds with ten questions in each round. This includes a picture round that can be ANYTHING. This week, the picture round was this:

It's a map of ten countries. Ten random ass countries. We correctly guessed three right, one of which our lovely Irish waiter answered for us (Austria). Of course I guessed Libya right (I have no idea) but missed Bolivia despite the fact that I've been staring at a map of South America since October (it's laughing at me as I write). I'm ok with not getting any of the entertainment questions right, that is what Amanda is for, and I'm ok with not knowing all the sports questions, that is what Peter is for, however, I'm not ok with not knowing the somewhat intellectual facts. Seriously, I could guess Coco Chanel right but not any of the countries on the map? Have you seen my wardrobe? Needless to say, I was forced to do some research where I discovered this handy website from the CIA featuring "The World Factbook," which highlights anything you ever need to know about geography or other related facts on all the countries in the world. I'm guessing I probably won't ever need to know about this again, however, it cannot hurt to have a clue.

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