Monday, February 19, 2007

Guardian Angels and Near Death Experiences

Last night, it came to my attention I also have a guardian angel for I survived my second near death experience.

Oblivious to the world and the weather, I made arrangements to have dinner with a friend. I left my house at the agreed upon hour only to realize it was snowing badly and I probably should not be driving. I called to take a rain check then headed home. The roads to my house are all back roads, hilly, and curvy. I was travel at 25 miles an hour when my car slid sideways heading straight for a house. The car turned slightly away from the house and instead was on course for a large oak tree in the front yard. In that split second, I realized if I did not change the direction of the car, I was going to hit a very large tree in the driver's side door where I do not have an airbag. I let off the brakes and maneuvered the wheel so the car was heading in the opposite direction. I spun back out into the road, did a donut, slammed on the brakes so that the car came to a stop on the wrong side of the road, facing the wrong direction about six inches from a telephone pole. Needless to say, I sat in the car for five minutes until I was brave enough to reverse direction and head two miles home. I drove 10 miles an hour the rest of the way and nearly hit a snow bank but figured that was nothing compared to the house, oak tree, or telephone pole. I almost started crying twice, had a panic attack, and went straight to bed thinking I could be sitting in a ditch under a telephone pole right now....

Four things, 1) I also have a guardian angel. 2) Thank you dad for teaching me excellent driving skills. 3) Thank you karate for teaching me excellent reaction skills. 4). I'm buying that gosh darn Suburban now!

Today, my heart is skipping beats but I think I'm OK. I hope this doesn't signify anything regarding my Chinese New Year Luck.

Oh and I promise never again to wish bad things on Tom Brady's baby's mother.


Anonymous said...

I think for your karma to be completely fixed you need to with for good things for Tom Brady's baby momma.

cupcake said...

My taking back the wish for her to have a miscarriage was good enough for me. I don't know I'm capable of much more. I've refrained from comment all day. I think my lack of outburst on the subject should be good