Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Thoughts on Corporate America...

First and foremost, it has become apparent one's First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech does not exist in the business world. I have a problem with this. I firmly believe it is my right to decide whether or not I am stupid enough to make comments or smart enough to keep my mouth shut, assuming I have something to say at all, regardless of the "business" stigma or my gender, without being judged and with the right to defend such behavior.

Secondly, The "Good Old Boy's Club" is getting exactly that: OLD. Welcome to the twenty first century Gentlemen. Whether you like it or not, you are the MINORITY on this lovely planet, which you share with the fairer gender. And on that note, negotiating business over a five course, four diamond meal is not difficult. Neither is striking a deal on a lush green golf course or in the safety of a board room with a free audience who shares similar goals. The most challenging negotiations requiring the most skill, diplomacy, and considerable resourcefulness take place outside the business world. How many businessmen have successfully negotiated with three children all under the ages of three? No corporate meeting will ever be as difficult as the "meetings" women tackle on a daily basis. While the bottom line of an ubiquitous company Americans probably do not need might seem meaningful, forming the character of another human being is far more significant than anything that happens in Corporate America. Humble yourself gentlemen, you aren't that important. While you are lining the already corpulent pockets of share holders, friends, and fellow businessmen, someone is actually doing GOOD for humanity and the planet on which we live. I advise you to take the time to thank these people no matter who they are for you are indebted to them.

Thirdly, I understand walking the line between assistant and partner is difficult. However, you try walking the line between beauty, intelligence, and femininity in Corporate America. At least with the former all you must do is sell your soul to your employer by working as many hours and kissing as much ass as you possibly can. That does not work for the latter.

Fourthly, in Corporate America, there are these small issues of the glass ceiling and stereotypes, both of which are a result of Caucasian males who are afraid of "others" replacing them. I cannot think of another reason why two of the most blatantly obvious and ultimately stupid issues could exist in society today. My suggestion, once again, is for you to get over yourselves. After thousands of years, this gets old, too. Inferiority might help you grow a pair and/or gain some much needed character.

Lastly, an environment that squelches individuality, creativity, and ignores or negatively labels inherent and uncontrollable biological differences ultimately robs America of its core principles and morals. Why don't you take a minute from your over planned, over taxed, and detrimental behavior to see how your caustic actions are affecting this planet and humanity. When all of you are sitting back in your rockers at 90, should you have the good fortune of avoiding a heart-attack, untimely death, or accident, how do you think you will feel about the world you created or the impact you left or how your family discarded you in an assisted living home to be cared for by others?

I might be caught in the wheel of this arena at the moment, however, I do not plan to stay here very long. I hope to find success, defined on my own terms, in my own creative arena very soon.

P.S. The two degrees I earned from a prestigious university are no less valuable than the one you earned from a rather lesser known educational institution just because I happen to have breasts and fecundity. When one takes the time to earn such academic achievements, this usually implies she knows what she is doing and saying, thereby meriting the same respect you so vehemently demand.

I highly recommend you all read Kurt Vonnegut's new novel "A Man Without A Country". It's fantastic. (I'll comment on the book at a later date, I want to reread it before I express my thoughts.)

Disclaimer: Obviously this does not pertain to Steve Jobs or to other facets of Corporate America I actually like. I reserve the right to decide on which those are determined based on my status as a free thinker, economist, female, hybrid capitalist, oh and my rights from the First Amendment.

While it might seem I'm being a tad sexist here, I am not. Most of the people, places, and things I love pertain to males, especially intellectually stimulating deceased ones, oh and my hero, my dad.

This would be a good time for you (as in vous) to check on your Karmic Bank account. (Just in case, God forbid, momentarily something happens to knock you back into reality or turns your world upside down and inside out.)


Miss Cupcake


Anonymous said...

u dont have breasts! silly

Chris said...

haha every time you mention corporate America, I feel like you're talking about my old company.

Thankfully, I am now gainfully employed by a quasi-government authority. For as much as such agencies are criticized, I can say it's nice to be part of an organization working for the benefit of the community versus the betterment of the owner's wallets for a change.

cupcake said...

I don't have breasts?? I'm quite certain I do. And how on Earth would you know otherwise?

I think I am going to move to a foreign country, learn languages, become a tutor to support me while I get my PhD to be a professor. Clearly, I need to be in academia (which I've known all along; i was just avoiding the work). Oh and there's the small matter of me starting my own business. You want to be my analyst?

S said...

who writes that?!?! i'm anxious to know why you don't have breasts?

Chris said...

My analytical skills are at your service, Professor Cupcake. I can now look more into investments once again. Ahh and tomorrow is payday. does it get any better?