Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Official, I can be Ninja Now...

On Saturday, I passed my purple belt test in Karate. This was the most difficult test I've taken, largely due to the fact that I was the second highest rank being tested, which meant, my favorite red-headed high schooler friend (the highest ranked at the test) and I got our butts kicked. I was hit in the head twice by the Sensei, which was awesome. He was teaching me to "block" (all of this was done in a very loving way). Also, FIVE was the minimum amount of strikes at once. The entire test was about two hours long and included the "circle of the dragon." That is where you get in the middle of a "gang" and they attack you. The Sensei decides how you are attacked, whether it be strikes, kicks, or grabs. I was fortunate enough to have five men grabbing me at my neck, arms, waist, etc, you get the point, fighting until I proved I could defend myself. It was exhausting yet delightful. This test was more important than the others because now, I can be a Ninja, i.e. I can wear a black gi. You can imagine my excitement (this has to help qualify me for being a Bond girl). Needless to say, I took a two hour nap on Saturday, and Sunday, I was barely able to move when I woke up, but it was worth it.

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