Monday, January 29, 2007

I Finally Took the Plunge

Friday night, I attended a charity event for work, which quite possibly was the most awkward night I have EVER experienced. It was my first "grown up" event for work and I have to say the event itself was well done. The food was tasty, the speeches weren't too bad, and the band was excellent. I enjoyed most of the evening aside from one minor detail about which I'm dying to write but I'm going to rely on my better judgment and just tell you it was a typical Cupcake situation (and had nothing to do with my conclusions). After leaving the event, I came to the conclusions Jean, my coworker, is one of the coolest girls I know, and that it's time for me to get a new wardrobe with appropriate shoes. I probably should wait to do this, but I've decided I cannot. At this point, I also did not regret or question the events to occur the following day.

Saturday, I drove an hour and a half to get my hair cut, grocery shop, buy stationery, and eat dinner. Earlier this week, I booked an appointment with my hairstylist, Brian, at his new salon to chop off my luscious espresso curls that cascaded ten inches down my back. Everyone told me not to do it. I'd been complaining about my hair since August at the very least. It was long, heavy, exasperating and the feel of it on my neck was beginning to give me the willies. I sat down in the modern shiny silver chair and pulled my hair out of a pony tail. Brian twisted it into one long spiral curl down my back. Then, he looked at me, back at my hair, then back at me and said, "Are you ready?" To which I took a deep, deep breath exhaling seconds later with a definitive "Yes." He snipped the giant curl at the nape of my neck and with that one fell swoop, it was all gone. The lady quickly came over to clean up the evidence. I told him he had creative license to do whatever he wanted. I sat back for 45 minutes while he worked his magic turning my sultry long luscious locks into a sassy, trés chic French cut settling delightfully around my chin. In total, it was about 13 inches gone. I've never had my hair this short before, but I'm ecstatic about the results. The response has been just as overwhelming. I could not be happier. I felt like a million light-hearted dollars leaving the salon. Once again, Brian has made me feel spectacular. He's worth the trip and the money. I highly recommend him to all those ladies out there who need inspiration.

When I left the salon, I headed to Boylston Street to stock up on pretty writing paper at the Paper Source and to pillage the fantastic Trader Joe's . Every time I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window, I was shocked and happy. When I walk by a mirror, I freeze in a moment of panic, only to realize it's just the new me, thereby, prompting me to happily go on my merry way. After patronizing my favorite places, I headed to a nearby town to give Chipotle a try after reading all the raves about it in various blogs. It was awesome and well worth the detour. Of course, I could not just go in, order food, drink, eat and leave. I had to make some friends. I took a small breather to sip my corona when I noticed the woman standing next to my table was wearing a Villanova sweatshirt. I said hello and inquired if she was an alum. Turns out, her husband was. He rushed right over, introduced me to the whole fam and we chatted for a good fifteen minutes. Despite our age difference, we found common ground on the Wildcat Basketball court, oh and his wife was from the same area as I was. It's always an adventure and it's always a small world. I finished my food, drank my beer, and waved bye.

You should see me now, a whole new cupcake! No regrets. Although, of course now I'm growing it out.

Chipotle is kind of like the In-and-Out of Mexican food. I HIGHLY recommend eating there. It was simple, hearty and delicious. I can't wait to go back.


Chris said...

I've been telling you for years it was time for you to invest in some appropriate footwear!

cupcake said...

There is nothing wrong with wearing flip flops until it snows or even if it is snowing!

And what is wrong with my boots? Seriously, they are LL Bean boots.

However, I will agree dancing in bad shoes is not fun.