Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How we decided to hire a cleaning lady and other miscellaneous happenings on my Sick Day

So yesterday, I spent the day home sick in bed. For as awful as I felt, I still had the energy to read three books, two cook books, and four magazines (I'll get to those later). I remained in my pjs all day and only left my bed three times in order to shower and eat until my roommate came home at 7:30 with the muchachos. At which time, I thought I might sleep better if I actually left my bedroom for a little bit so I joined them upstairs (consequently, this did not work). I knew the evening would be spectacular when Ryan (age 5) came yelling out of the bedroom proclaiming Emily (age 2) peed on the floor. This was a brand new development. I tried desperately to be stern and not to die laughing but I had to leave the room because I could not control myself. Erin busted out laughing but tried to remain as mommy stern as she could. Once the issue of using the bedroom as a bathroom was cleared up, dinner was served. Dinosaur chicken nuggets with a side of peas was the menu. Erin was chatting with Aunt Tracey as she oversaw the muchachos eat dinner. All was well until Emily projectile vomited her peas all over the table and kitchen floor. Luckily, I was in the living room when this happened. Ryan announced he could no longer eat his peas (understandably) and grabbed the phone to talk to his aunt while Erin cleaned up. Once everything was sorted out and put away, I jokingly said to Erin, "Maybe we should get a cleaning lady. Hahaha!" I was in no way being serious. However, Erin thought this was a brilliant idea and that is how we came to get a cleaning lady. I feel a little silly even considering a cleaning lady for our rather small house. I can just hear it now, "Two able bodied girls can't keep their house clean? They have to hire a cleaning lady?!?!"

After the muchachos were settled into bed, Erin and I sat in the living room in front of the enormous picture window to discuss the merits of hiring a housekeeper. I told her I kind of thought it was a little creepy. She had no qualms with having someone come in once or twice a month (I can think of a certain male who would support Erin's claim wholeheartedly. It's a shame he doesn't read this). Erin was playing mindsweeper on the brand new computer and I was sitting in the lovely leather chair reading a magazine. Erin's telephone rang mid-conversation. It was only Alex calling to tell us he just saw us when he drove by. He told Erin I was sitting in the chair in a red shirt with my hair in a ponytail while Erin was at the computer... Did I not just say something about creepy? I guess it never occurred to me that people would actually be looking into our living room window when they drive by at night...Erin assured me people do not look in our window when they drive by with the exception of Alex because he knows we are there and he's our friend. At this point, you can imagine how unconvinced I was. We continued to discuss getting a cleaning lady and settled on me doing research the following day.

Thanks to grammy with the birdies, we now had oreos and cheetos in the pantry (we NEVER have junk in the house). I grabbed a row of oreos from freezer and the Trader Joe's peanut butter from the fridge (no hydrogenated oils, which freak me out. No I'm not paranoid, just kind of weird). I sat in the little chair (meaning Ryan and Emily's recliner) next to Erin in the corner and out of the view of the window. I began to tell Erin about the book I just finished, "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, when Aunt "Theresa" came up. We were talking about why she never got married. Erin said it was the saddest thing she'd ever heard. Apparently, when everyone asked her why she never married (she was in her 90s and a virgin) she said, "No one ever asked me." I looked at Erin and said, "That will be me." Then I sadly looked into my jar of peanut butter and said, "It's just me and you buddy" while grabbing another oreo. Erin laughed so hard I thought she was going to choke on her oreos and tumble to the ground. It was hysterical. After that, I had all I could take for one evening so I retired to bed.

Please, if you are looking for entertainment, just drive by our house.


Erin said...

I wonder if anyone will question who the hell grammy with the birdies is?

cupcake said...

oh i love it!

chris said...

You are a little too far for a drive-by, so I'll just have to get my entertainment from your blog for the time being.

cupcake said...

Well, out of all the readers here, you are only one of the three who actually has an idea about my residence because you've seen it. Therefore, you can imagine more realistically. I hope cupcake is provide ample and adequate entertainment! (I'm sure you'd let me know otherwise. I think I need to make a trip in that direction because I really want wings from the Wild Onion!)

Chris said...

Yes, I suppose the frame of reference helped me to imagine this better than most. Cupcake is very entertaining, though my new job is kind of entertaining too.

You DEFINITELY need to come down this way. But if you do, you are not allowed to leave until we hang out.