Thursday, January 11, 2007

Drinking for State Troopers...

There is a woman in my karate class who is a state trooper. After class, she asked me and one of the other girls (there are only five of us total) if we were 21. We both answered yes, then inquired why, to which she responded by asking if we'd like to participate in a field sobriety test for the state troopers. The test was on a weekday afternoon, which meant they were having difficulty finding volunteers. All we'd have to do is show up, drink until they tell us to stop, eat, play games, watch movies, hang out with the other participants, partake in some tests, then leave. All of the food and drinks would be provided by the state. The only stipulation is to have a designated driver. Of course, Hillary and I said yes, I mean what are the chances something like this happens... How very random...Does anyone want to join us?

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