Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Squishy Balls

This might be the BEST DECEMBER EVER because last week, my coworker, Jean, delivered a squishy mesh urchin ball to my desk (see left). She found it while out shopping at lunch and knew I was sad about THE squishy ball. The new ball turns red when you squeeze it. I find it highly entertaining. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in the office. The store selling the balls sold out this week because the employees at our company bought them all for their desks and for stocking stuffers. It was so bad people started searching the Internet for more of them, which happened to be the reason Patricia made my year. Today, she delivered a bright green magic 8 squishy ball to my desk (see right). HOW GLORIOUS! It was even my new favorite color! I <3 Patricia and my brand new squishy magic 8 ball. How awesome are my collegues? YAY! I'm so euphoric I could do a dance for all of you right now :) Happy December.

First Question: "Will next year be better than the last?"
First Answer: "Absolutely"

How fantastic. WOOHOO.

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