Friday, December 15, 2006

My first experience with Sushi...

Our company Christmas party was last night at one of our hotels. We had a pelagic amount of food over the course of the evening despite how few people actually work for the corporate office. One of the tables included in our feast was a sushi table. I curiously ventured over to the display in an attempt to better understand of what this foreign substance consisted. I hovered sheepishly until I was rescued by my boss, an expert in the Japanese food. He explained each and every circular mass until I decided it was safe to try everything but the eel, which he ate without hesitation. I did have enough gumption to eat the California roll, the salmon, the crab, the shrimp, and the tuna (I decided I don't like tuna). I was glad I took this opportunity to get a taste of this very overrated dish. I did not love it but I did not hate it either. They all kind of tasted the same to me, especially with the soy and wasabi. It was nothing spectacular but now all of you people who have hounded me for not trying it can just stop now. I might not enthusiastically run out to a Japanese restaurant, but, after my pleasant experience, I would not shudder with disgust at the suggestion either.

(image courtesy of wischik)

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