Friday, December 08, 2006

My Favorite Married Couple..

While the majority of my friends are married or almost married, I do find one couple in particular more wildly entertaining than the rest (I love you all, it's just that I spend more time with these two). Lindsay and Andrew rarely cease to humor or amaze me. When we hang out, it's a trio of friends, as they never make me feel like the third wheel. They have an uncanny ability to make you feel completely at ease and welcome no matter what the situation is. They are always up for an adventure and are affable in the most admirable way. I love them dearly.

Recently, the three of us were sitting in Linz & Andrew's living room enjoying a happy hour with delightful drinks and good eats. We were chatting away and perusing the internet when I mentioned "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" and Diego Luna. Lindsay told me she and Andrew were just talking about who they would leave each other for if a particular actor/actress in Hollywood approached one of them. (Think "Indecent Proposal"). Lindsay is not a Hollywood connoisseur and really does not watch TV, therefore, she did not have an actor in mind. Andrew, on the other hand, was more than eager to announce, yet sheepishly, who his choice was: Scarlett Johanssen. Linz wasn't even sure who she was, and I was appalled because I am NOT A FAN of hers, but Andrew, in his delight, found a picture online to show us. This is when Linsday looked at Andrew in a very dead serious wife kind of way and said," Andrew, you'd leave me for a girl in a cardigan?!?!" Andrew just smiled but did not respond. At that very moment, Linz flung her gorgeous strawberry blonde locks behind her and posed just as Scarlett was posed in the picture (see above). In the most seductive tone she could muster, she said, "How's this?" Andrew and I busted out laughing. It was the best thing I've ever seen. Right then, She was the best wife ever. I think at that very moment, Andrew knew why he married Linsday. I will never forget that amusing glimpse into their world I had the privilege of witnessing.

Of course the fun doesn't stop there. Later in the evening, the three of us went out dancing at the local hole in the wall bar downtown. Naturally, the three of us danced together for awhile, and I'm sure many a people thought Andrew was a pimp or a Mormon, until eventually I broke off to dance by myself (shocking, I know). However, this did not last long, as I was approached by a very attractive and very tall man who actually wanted to dance with me instead of groping me like a few of the other patrons so graciously tried to do earlier (Welcome, Kevin). At the end of the night, I went to the bar to pay the tab, when I overheard Andrew say to Lindsay:

"Hey, Can I get your number?"
She replied, "I don't know, I'm not that kind of girl."
He smiled at her and inquired "What are you doing later?"
Linz smiled back and answered, "Well, I don't know; maybe I should get your number..."
Andrew then asks, "Do you think I could take you home?"

And this goes on for a few minutes; meanwhile I am laughing hysterically. It was just awesome. Kevin looks at me quizzically, then glances back at them. I just smile and tell him not to worry, they are married. Afterward, the three of us went to get pizza, then headed "home" arm in arm conversing in perfect Spanish the entire way...what else did you expect?

I have so much fun with Lindsay and Andrew, it's almost criminal. I cannot express enough how much I love you guys. I hope when I get married, I have as much fun as you guys do and that my friends feel as loved as you make me feel. The two of you make marriage seem as refreshing and entertaining as a playground full of children in the spring. We all should be so lucky...

I can't wait until our next adventure :)


lindsay herself, now feeling famous said...

Rachael-wow thank you for this! but, why didn't you post a picture of our house like your other married friends?? I'll have to send you one! (hey look i learned how to do the two cents this time:) )

Cupcake said...

you are welcome. i'm glad you could finally make it :)