Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Best Friend, Beth, is Famous...

Bethy, a.k.a. "B.B.", was sent to the premiere of Rocky Balboa last night in Philadelphia. She is a writer for "Philadelphia Style" magazine and her mission was to interview Sylvester Stallone, which obviously is no small feet for a reporter. She gallantly assumed a position on the red carpet and nonchalantly approached his publicist, who so graciously ordered Sly to come chat with Beth from "Philly Style". Yup, it was that easy because Beth is that good. She stood on the red carpet with her tape recorder and secured a quality interview with THE MAN himself. After accomplishing her goal, she jaunted off into the premiere where she met one of the attractive males stars from the show "Heroes." (I have no idea who he was or anything about the show.) It won't be long before she's a super famous journalist...Johanna and I are especially proud!

Check out the article online or pick up the next issue in print. YAY BETHY!

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