Monday, December 18, 2006

Mi primera fiesta de español...

Saturday night, I ventured to my first Spanish party with Andrew, Linsday, Michael, and Amy. Of course we were the stereotypical "Americans" by showing up dressed in jeans and lovely sweaters (my excuse was my infamous "limited" wardrobe, yet I did mention to adorn an awesome headband with jingle bells on it courtesy of Mrs. B) but this did not encumber our socializing. I ran into my Spanish teacher, who was super excited to see me there (plus, she's from Ecuador). We chatted about my potential trip to her native country as well as the fantastic empanadas she brought (they lasted less than seven minutes). It was very comforting to know someone at the party other than the people with whom I arrived. The Spanish speaking became easier and easier as the night progressed and the drinks effortlessly left our glasses. This began when the host of the party brought me a glass and asked me if I wanted some champagne to which I answered absolutely. I could not help but think she and I could be the bestest of amigas at that moment. We also sampled some fantastic Argentinian reds, a marvelous Rioja, some Pinot Gris, and a few others later in the evening. I met some interesting chicos son de Costa Rica, who assured me I should have no problems in South America. I also met a very friendly couple who lived in the area and were enjoying their first fiesta as well. The party was a melting pot of people who spoke at various levels, which was really cool. It is kind of like a "Fight Club" in the way that you can only be invited, as there is no advertising and it's kind of secretive. After my first event, I can see why. They probably don't want too many people finding out how much fun the parties are because then the attendence would become too overwhelming for the residential homes. It was a fabulous experience for which I am grateful I could attend. I do not get to practice Spanish very often with the exception of leaving the bars with Linz so this was a nice reprieve from the usual night out. I do believe Linz and Andrew closed the night out there, partying like rockstars until the wee hours of the morning.

I finished out my evening at another more traditional Christmas party where I was able to trade in my headband for a santa hat and my glass for a shiny red solo cup. (I do not recommend doing this, for I ended up sleeping until 1 p.m. on Sunday only to go back to bed at 7:30 p.m. that evening FOR THE NIGHT, and yes, I'm dead serious.) I happily met some new people I do not remember and vaguely recall trying to set my sister up with a friend of my friend. (Of course, I showed him "The pictures" and I'm certain I'll get yelled at for this later.) Needless to say, this weekend was much better than the last.

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