Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kids say the darndest things...

On Friday nights, I babysit for this intriguing family who lives in a nearby town. Their oldest child, Gabe, is six and can be a handful. I listened to him squirm for fifteen minutes after I put him to bed only to yell up to tell him I could hear him rustling with the books. He yelled down, "Ok," then continued to play with the spiderman toy resting on his headboard. Another fifteen minutes passed as I sat downstairs listening between pages of my book until I was prompted to climb the stairs silently in ninja fashion to catch him in the act. I stumbled into his room to find him playing with his toys despite my request for him to stop. I told him I was going to tell Santa he was being naughty if he did not go to bed like a good little boy. He listened politely, then sincerely and innocently in a manner only children can project, he responded, "But Santa already knows..."

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