Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"The Holiday"

Friday night, I saw "The Holiday" in theaters. Cameron Diaz does not do much for me yet by the end of the movie, I found her acceptable. On the other hand, I enjoy Kate Winslet and she performed amazingly throughout the movie. There is something about her that is dazzling and bewitching. I now have a new found respect for Jude Law and would consider giving him a kiss should he ask. Jack Black cracks me up and continues to fire my secret crush on him. Interestingly, I thought the couples were oddly paired but this did not take away from the film. The show was longer than expected, however, this was fine because the characters and plot did not disappoint or drag in any fashion. We laughed hysterically for the majority of the running time. While this was a romantic comedy, it was not too mushy or predictable. The movie contained more depth than would be expected from a film in this genre. "The Holiday" included surprises, lessons, humor, and charm; everything you would want from a lovely holiday film and more. It is reminiscent of "old Hollywood" in a way that makes you nostalgic for a time when pictures were about more than the dollars earned at the box office. Seeing the movie is worth the $9. I do believe we are going to see it again...It's highly entertaining. Go see it!

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