Friday, December 29, 2006

A Hint of Feminism with a note about Parenting...

My favorite co-worker and I have been talking about parenting a great deal lately because he has two young daughters. His heterodoxy fathering methods are beyond admirable. He's proactive and involved in a way so many other parents are not. I cannot even begin to describe how powerful and meaningful the lessons he teaches his girls are. He believes it is best to prepare them for as much as possible while under the safety of his home. He let's them make mistakes. He does not believe in censorship. They have cell phones, and not the Disney ones. They are allowed to surf the net freely without parental controls. They have IRAs. They have a business they help their father run and so much more. The education he is giving them is priceless because the majority of what they are learning cannot be learned elsewhere. It's actually quite astounding for he is setting them up to succeed tremendously, as they will have many advantages over their peers.

I recently referred him to the book, "The Nurture Assumption" in an attempt to prepare him for the externalities over which he has no control that no doubt will bombard his daughters. The book is written by a psychologist who explores how peers affect development in children. His curiosity was sparked with this suggestion, which led him to Packaging Girlhood , a website written by psychologists for parents who want to understand how they can keep their daughters from the greedy little hands of marketers and negative societal influences of the media. I commend him on taking an initiative to understand how he can use the external influences to educate his daughters. I think anyone who has daughters should definitely explore this site ~ just all the more reason to despise Cosmo magazine and to turn off your TV.

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