Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"The Economist" writes about Maine

Maine's attempt to brand its lobsters made this week's issue of "The Economist." Apparently, the lobstermen and Senator Olympia Snowe are fighting to protect the industry. Almost 60% of lobsters consumed in the U.S. come from the Pine Tree State, which makes lobstering a very important industry for the economy. Snowe and company are trying to crack down on "fraudulent" lobsters: i.e. restaurants and vendors claiming their disgusting red crustaceans are from Maine when, in fact, they are not. Despite how much I do not like the little scavengers, I am all for the little people protecting their livelihood, especially when it's one of the only forms of sustainable fishing in the world (the lobsters you can keep have to meet very specific requirements, otherwise, back into the deep blue sea they go). Oh, and it's pretty cool they made such an outstanding publication.

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