Friday, December 29, 2006

Bob Marley, the Comedian

Last night, I had the opportunity to see Bob Marley , the New England comedian, in a special New Year's weekend performance. I've seen him before at a small local venue and have to admit I preferred the former show, however, he still was riotous. The majority of his humor focuses on his experience as a native Mainer, which makes it difficult for people outside of New England to really understand. Now that he is reaching national syndication though, his work has expanded to the point where he's providing two different kinds of shows: one for New Englanders and one for the others. I HIGHLY recommend catching one of his shows or buying one of his DVDs/Cd's. It won't be long before he's "Big Time."

An aside, Allison and I waited until the last minute to decide whether or not we wanted to venture to the show, which meant our procrastination cost us seats together. I actually did not mind sitting apart because we would not have spoken anyway due to the laughter, plus we sat in the first and third rows, which wasn't too shabby.

Allison did get picked on as a result of sitting front center. It was great! Luckily, her mother never shocked her with humping antics or stories. I was relieved she did not get charged by the goat either. Good times!

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