Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why My Home Town Rocks on Election Day...

I woke up at the crack of dawn today to go "home" to go to the dentist and to vote. Some may ask why I drove 74 miles north to do these two things when I probably could have stuck around town and done them here... If you are asking, then you don't know me, and I feel no need to explain myself for reasons obvious to me.

It is a time warp to venture down KMD Drive through my old stomping grounds. I always chuckle and shake my head, as I am amazed this is from where I came. Usually, I am flooded all at once with fondness and relief. Down to business: First, I had breakfast at my most favorite breakfast spot. Then I headed to my parent's house to read up on the Gubernatorial Race. I already knew what I was voting for the two Proposals and for Congress and Senate, however, I have been struggling with the Governor. The Democratic incumbent is not impressive and the Republican challenger is even worse, but luckily and unfortunately, there are two Independent candidates from which to chose. This is where the Economist in me exercises the game theory. First and foremost, either candidate is a spoiler for the Dems, which just means either you vote for the painful blue man so that the scary red man doesn't win or you vote for one of the better Independent candidates, pray that others do too and watch the blue man lose to the red man because not enough people played the game right. Houston, we have a problem... As far as politics go, I am too passionate about them to actually write or talk to people because I scare myself. (I'm working on that). I will admit though, that I am an Independent. I cannot, for good reason, associate with either party. I find both are too extreme for my tastes these days. I also think instead of drawing lines in the sand based solely on party, we should consider the issues at hand and the best characters for tackling these issues. Party lines are not for me. So needless to say, I picked the most economically sound and socially aware Independent. My fingers are crossed in hope that others did the same. I liked her bold initiative. Plus, it's about time a brave female took office in the Blaine House.

I must describe my voting experience because it's too good to keep to myself. I roll up to the lovely American Legion in town, park on Main Street, greet the Police officer directing traffic, then meet a "Betty" who asks me with what my last name begins. I tell her, then she directs me to a line of elderly women sitting a table who ask me loudly what my name is and what my address is. With a huge smile, I tell them. I get my ballots and head to the polls. On the way, I notice all the people running the show are senior citizens. No one asked me for my ID, and I recognized an alarming number of people from my high school library manning the stations. It was slightly intriguing. I cast my ballot, ran into a girl with whom I went to high school, signed her petition, and then best of all, got my sticker as I left the building. Yes, we get stickers. I love it!



Erin said...

I'm glad you found such glory in your trip this morning!! It's great...almost as great as you calling the lady a "Betty." You see, my dear, as much as you may think you hate my referring to people as "Frank, Betty, and Pablo's," I do believe I'm starting to wear off on you!!:)

Cupcake said...

It is NOT politically correct to call all hispanic people "pablo" or all elderly people "betty" or "frank". seriously, please don't do that when you come to ecuador :) hahah.

Any word from Slim?

cupcake said...

Luckily and sadly, my game theory was wrong. Oh well, I'll be gone anyway (hopefully). On a better note, I'll be back just in time for a new president. YAY!