Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Things I'm Thankful For this Thanksgiving

In no order other than the way in which the following thoughts popped into my head, I present for what I am grateful:

A) Being an American. For as much grief as I give and for as many times I shake my head at the political, societal, and social stupidity of most of my fellow patriots, I am very proud and thankful for being born in this country. For the Love of Fireworks might not exist otherwise. Let freedom ring.

B) The sense of touch. Of all the senses, this is the one for which I am most appreciative, for without it, I would never feel another hand in mine, the fabric of the blankets on a bed as I slip into it, the ringlets I curl with my fingers a thousand times a day, the fresh and crisp winter air fill my lungs, or the hug of some one I love.

C) Stars. They remind me we are all in this together, under one sky. Beyond the air, the invisible barrier, infinity exists- an incomprehensible and humbling truth.

D) Music. Knowing some one out there can put into words the feelings, thoughts, and ideas I cannot helps me deal with whatever I encounter in life. I know no matter how I feel, there is a song to help soothe, energize, or understand the emotions. I am not alone in my thoughts or feelings because an artist can relate and express the garbled matter in an enlightening manner.

E) Books.

F) Family.

G) Friends. I cannot tell you all enough how much I love you and am constantly blessed by your presence in my life.

H) Education. Personal growth and evolution are possible because of the things we learn. This one thing is the reason many lives change for the better and in many cases, is a ticket to freedom.

I) Mail. Sending and receiving mail is a rare delight. I relish each and every letter I receive for there is nothing quite like reaching into the mail box only to discover familiar handwriting on a personal envelope, post card, or decorative paper that is addressed to you. The personal message inside pertains only to you and is an affirmation that someone is thinking of you.

J) Laughter. I am tremendously thankful for all of it whether it be the small giggle, the belly shaking on the floor hysteria, or the sound of some one else's joy. I do not believe there is any sound greater than the sound of laughter.

K) Lastly, I am thankful for every day.

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