Thursday, November 09, 2006


My friend, business partner, and whisky loving buddy, Matt, sent me one of the nicest emails the other day. His message rattled me a little because on the day it arrived, I came to the same realization he expressed in his note yet about a different individual. As the majority of us know, Matt is always (I mean always) in motion. If not traveling to a different locale for work, which is almost every three months, he's gallivanting the world one month at a time from one remote destination to another. Our lives could not be more different, however, we both have learned one very important lesson this year: people change. Whether it be for better or worse, the people we've come to love and include in our lives are not the static individuals we have in our hearts & minds. Our perspectives of them and the role they play in our lives is not constant. Despite the few character traits inherently bestowed upon us, humans are forever evolving. I might always think of Matt as my neighbor, Tim's dear friend from college, or the EXTREMELY picky grocery shopper who kisses girls on docks, yet that is not permanent. I do not know what his life is like in Virginia. I do not know who his neighbors are now or who he drinks whiskey shots with in my absence or what his hair looks like now that it's long like Albert's. The same goes for him regarding me and my life. Yet even though transformations have occurred, we are still friends, for which I am grateful. While Matt and I were contemplating different situations, our conclusion about perspectives was identical. With this said, it was still humbling to realize people are not always who you think they are. The images we carry and the involvement we assign certain people we encounter and hold close to us are not always absolute. It is easy to forget how holding these impressions will make it easier for people to disappoint, surprise, or humble us. I know this much is true though, I hope each and every one of you see "optimism and satisfaction" when an analogous realization dawns on you regarding the relationships, friends, and family in your life.

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