Sunday, November 05, 2006

Murder Mystery Party

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Erin for making the evening happen. We greatly appreciate your efforts in securing the location. I would also like to thank Chris and Marissa for making special arrangements to join us for our party. It was so great to have you here! I would also like to thank Amanda and Allison for contributing excellent artwork for the Four Deuces Club. The posters definitely made the ambiance.

I doubt I will be able to convey the hilarity of the evening but I'll try. I am still not sure how we pulled it off, as two hours before the show was to start, we were scrambling around desperately trying to make sure everything was ready. But despite all the panic and hard work, everything came out amazingly.

The setting was at the "Four Deuces", a 1920s speakeasy in Chicago. We decorated the room with posters we made during the week (they were so good, they now adorn my walls at home), strings of lights all around "the bar and gaming tables", candles, jazz music playing in the background, Charlie Chaplin movies on the TVs and the best gin and juice I've ever had. It was dark enough to scheme, extort, and bribe. The setting was excellent.

Every one showed up looking fabulous. I was extremely impressed and proud of all the effort that went into the "characters." You guys are awesome! Marissa, starring as Rebeca Ravioli, and Mary Martha, starring as the Baroness, won best costumes. The honor of best actress went to Mary Martha for her fantastic performance of the Baroness. I think she'll always be remembered for the following one liner: "Just because I lost my son, doesn't mean I can't flirt with the law!" as she winked at the Inspector. And speaking of the Inspector, I have to give a great deal of credit to Krista for tackling the difficult role. I think you did a great job considering how little you knew going into it. I would also like to tip my hat to Lindsay for being a trooper and playing the male role of Capo "TOTO" Tequila. Once again, she adorned a moustache in the name of fun.

Once everyone arrived, we began the night mingling and chatting with each other in the club. Each character had a goal he or she was to accomplish before the murder. Also, the one to be murdered had to accomplish a list of things before we staged the death. I have to say this went surprisingly well because I think only one person really knew what was going on when the lights went out; although most probably suspected something might happen. After the murder occurred, every one received their "Confidential Booklets" full of good juicy secrets, then the Inspector presented the evidence. We then spent 10 minutes looking for four hidden weapons. Obviously, not everyone found a weapon as about 15 people were present. Those weapons were for secondary murders, should a character choose to commit one. Following the hide and seek of weapons, we spent some time bribing and scheming information out of each other while we accomplished the goals in our confidential packets. The best part of this was the secondary and unnecessary murders. While I was using the bathroom upstairs, Madame Meme (Meg) came rushing in almost hyperventilating from laughter because she just killed someone. I almost died laughing. I asked her why she did it and she said, "because she looked bored." It was awesome. Not five minutes later did "Don Wannabe" (Tim) come tell me "Tequila" was dead on the stairs. It was just hysterical. Every one was so funny and so animated with their characters.

The game ended an hour later once all the "whodunit" cards were handed in and the money was counted. The Inspector read the solution and the mystery was solved. What a wildly delightful evening! I highly recommend this game and a party like this to everyone. It was the most fun I have had in a really long time.

Some other mentionable highlights include:

Tequila looked at the egg rolls (which were homemade) and said, "What is this, foreign shit?"
Vicky Ravioli responding to Carrie Crooner-Ravioli by saying "We all know your mama was a whore." The word floozy was used about 1000 times. The Congressman had slept with all the characters and told everyone he was "going to be the next President." Little did he know, his wife was having an affair with the mayor! I think of all the characters, only two were not having affairs.

How super awesome all of you were! What a lovely experience. Sarah, Amy, Mike, and the rest of the crew, thank you again! It was mayhem. I am sure I missed some things, so feel free to add in the comments. Also, please feel free to add feedback regarding the party and how it could be better or changed, etc.

I would also like to say, I do not think I ever want to be an ex-wife in real life. Despite the very large ruby (thank you "Big Jim") and as much fun as I had antagonizing "Carrie" (Amy you are the best!), It's not for me.

I hope every one had as much fun as I did. Just listening to the conversations and watching all the people try to get information without giving any away was priceless. I wish we had a DVD-recorder of the evening. It was superb. Pictures are to follow.

P.S. Chris, what a trooper! Thank you for all your help in setting up and being dragged around all over town to organize this party. Your efforts were tremendously appreciated.


Sly said...

I had a great time, even if I didn't have a chance to whack "Don Wannabe" since "Toto" and I were trying to scheme against him. I am sure this party will be talked about for a long time to come. It was quite an adventure to visit Maine in just about a moment's notice, but it was definitely worth it and I'd do it all over again!

Erin said...

You are very welcome for the accommodations. It's the least that I can do for you!! "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves."

Vicky said...

Oh my gosh, I read the confidential packets last night while I was cleaning up my room, just hysterical what every one else had to do. I <3 it.