Thursday, November 30, 2006

Favorite Quotations from the Weekend...

"The thought of actually dating someone makes me want to - " ~ Sophie
Interjection - "Throw up? Me too." ~ Whit
"What if we make out? I mean can you imagine...I don't know...." ~ Sophie
"Walk up to that line, and if you feel like you're going to throw up, throw up on the line." ~ Whit

"I wish I could Tivo my life." ~ Whit

"Hold on. Can we talk about your pants?" ~ Bird

"Hello? Hello? Sophie?" ~ Unidentifiable male
"Um, No, sorry, this is Zoƫ, can I help you?" ~ Sophie

Standing in a dark kitchen in the middle of the night with a mouth full of cookie: "Do you want a cookie?"

"Do you think it's a problem that I've had a drink every night for the last eight nights?"
"No one has to know that." said while pouring another drink.

"Oh please, think about it, would you rather have a pedophile or a pervert representing you?" ~ political discussions@ Thanksgiving

You guys crack me up. I wish I had DVDs of all the hysterical moments we have all the time. Ahh, what great memories.


sophie said...

I think you missed something :)

cupcake said...

yes, on purpose watson.

Bird said...

Can I add my personal favorite?

"I think he has a small pen&*!!

bonnie said...

oh my gosh, i forgot all about that one. poor latin lover!