Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Egg Roll Sunday

Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon making egg rolls with my sister. I made at least 100 egg rolls the weekend before, however, I still had almost 60 wrappers left. Kris and I find great delight in the California Pizza Kitchen and the Chili's tex mex egg rolls. We decided to be creative by combining the two into one scrumptious egg roll recipe. It was wildly exasperating. The end result of our experiment was far beyond anything we'd expected. I do not recommending eating 4o at once, in case you were wondering. However, do try them. Here's our recipe:

Chicken breast
red peppers
corn black
mexican cheese mix
bacon (we didn't use it but I'm sure it can only help)
egg roll wrappers
an egg
oil for frying (I recommend the smart oil so you don't feel so badly about how many you eat)

You'll notice there are no numbers for the ingredients. Yup, that's right, you get to pick because it depends on how many you are making. Hint: think smaller. You'll be surprised how full a bowl gets with just a few of each item. We played it by sight. I HIGHLY recommend a food processor for this project. It makes it so much easier. It will still take about 2 hours from start to finish, but I promise it is absolutely worth it.

Cut the chicken into super small pieces then cook it in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Season it with whatever spices you like. This is really your only chance to do this. I recommend Chili Powder and Cayenne Pepper, if you like spicy. (Toss in a little salt & pepper, too.) If you are using bacon, cook the bacon, then cut it into very small pieces. Chop all the vegetables up with the processor. You want it to be a scoopable mix. Combine everything in a big bowl. Get the wrappers out. Crack the egg and mix it up with a fork in a small bowl. Lay the wrapper out in front of you in the shape of a diamond. Place two to three scoops of mix in the middle, then fold like an envelope (there is a diagram on the wrapper package if you need a visual). Seal with a little egg around the folds. Place the egg rolls on a cookie sheet until the oil is ready. Then fry 'em up! Plain old ranch dressing makes a good dip, however, you can make a chipotle one if you desire, which is also superb.

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