Monday, November 06, 2006

Confessions of a Random Girl...

Are there random things you really enjoy? Maybe you are the only person who knows you find contentment in these experiences or items? Here are a few I feel I'd like to share just because I like them. Maybe you do too..

I love silicone bake ware. I actually do not own any but whenever I am in a store that sells it, I always feel the need to check it out and to play with it. Does anyone own any? Have any thoughts on it? I would buy some if I wasn't moving to a foreign country for a year. It might be the first purchase I make when I get back with maybe the exception of a bed. I'm intrigued by the bake ware's fluidity.

Since the season is rapidly approaching, I am happy to announce my Christmas music is almost ready to jump into the cd player. I am waiting until the day after Thanksgiving though. I despise holiday skipping. I have quite the collection thanks to a few individuals. I am very excited to start listening. I love holiday music. For some reason, I am very much looking forward to the holidays this year. Yay, a 1940s Christmas cd!

This one is going to come to a shocker to almost everyone, while I do not like to shop, I do love to go into the Abercrombie & Fitch store. I just love it. It's too loud, no one talks to you, and it smells like boys. The only time I go in there is to look for a t-shirt to add to my collection (another surprise, I'm sure), but when I do enter the store, a huge smile crosses my face as I head to the back tables. Not one sales person will approach me, no one will be able to talk to me because the music is booming, and it just smells heavenly. What more could you ask for if you despise shopping?

I also have a random affection for useless yet fun cake pans. I have no idea why. For example, the stadium bundt cake pan offered by William & Sonoma. I want one. I do not need it, but every year I could make a cake for football season and the Superbowl if I had one. I can decorate it for my favorite teams and serve it up to the guests at the parties. I also would like the sand castle bundt cake pan. Again, do I need it? No, I just have a fondness for it. Every summer, I could make sand castle cakes for everyone. It would be spectacular.

My last random confession for now is regarding my extreme zeal for arcades. I think it is because I grew up with video games (of course I love those too) and a pool table. Arcades are full of child like excitement and fun filled gadgets. I adore it, especially air hockey. Foosball is fun, but I always lose to Gitchman. OH, and there's packman and video poker. Who does not love a good time at the arcade? Did I mention how much I love air hockey?

What are a few of your favorite random things?

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