Thursday, November 16, 2006


At least once a day I am humbled in some fashion and to various degrees. Today, I'm deeply humbled. If you click on the title, it will bring you to a BBC article about Islamists' debates on Rape Laws in Pakistan. The current Sharia law states a woman was raped only if four men witnessed the crime?!?! Um, If four men witness a rape and do nothing to prevent or stop it, they all should be castrated, at the very least. And to think that isn't the worst part, if she does not have those witnesses, then she is branded with the scarlet letter and persecuted for ADULTERY...hmmmm.....As much as I try, and I've been trying lately out of desperate curiosity, to understand the Islamic world, I cannot fathom laws such as this. No amount of reasoning, intellect, or passion could ever persuade me otherwise. Thankfully, the Prime Minister is trying to change the 27 year old law.

The power of words:

Mukhtar Mai was a victim of a gang rape in an Islamic country. She is now using the power of the Internet and spoken words - she cannot read or write - in conjunction with a BBC reported to write a blog about her life after being attacked. Justice and change are her pursuits.

Her Story

Her blog is in Urdu, unfortunately, but it can be found at

Her Blog

She does have pictures of the women she helps through education.

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