Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The American Express ads intrigue me. I recently read a magazine that included one for the reader to complete. I thought I would share my answers:

My Name: Cupcake
childhood ambition: to be President
fondest memory: watching winter from the kitchen window at home
soundtrack: "Lush Life' by John Coltrane
retreat: bed
wildest dream: to travel the world in one trip
proudest moment: graduating from Villanova
biggest challenge: letting go
alarm clock: my small battery operated Timex square travel clock, which is going on it's sixth year with the same battery
perfect day: the fourth of July
first job: babysitter
indulgence: magazines
last purchase: laundry detergent
favorite movie: "Inventing the Abbotts"
inspiration: my family
My life: is amazing

What would your answers be?

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