Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Live Free or Die "

I had the pleasure of spending this weekend with my friends from high school at a resort in New Hampshire, Crotched Mountain Resort. (No, I am not kidding.) The ride there was a little crazy because Amanda is sometimes directionally challenged plus we could not find a liquor store off the highway. Once we finally made it to the mountain, Whit checked us in at the front desk where the ladies gave her a map of the area that included suggestions about places to go. Had the front desk representative seen the amount of food and coolers we had in the caravan, she would have realized we had no intention of leaving the "up and down". We settled in at 5:00 pm. The rooms were fantastic. I could have moved in if I actually liked the state of NH (sorry Matt). We had two units, four fire places, four bathrooms, four bedrooms, two flat screen tvs, and two hot tubs between the seven of us. Our "bar" rivaled a New York City club. The drinks started flowing and the food started crisping just in time for the games. It was fabulous. We had two different kinds of dips, snacks, cookies bars, a cookie cake and ten different kinds of pizza. Allison produced some fabulous apple cider vodka drinks and a delicious breakfast. We discovered trivial pursuit on DVD is actually cool and easier than the board game, the hot tub was heaven, and there's nothing better than playing cards with people who knew you when. Needless to say, we didn't leave the condos.

Thank you all for a fantastic weekend. Pictures to follow.

P.S. Katie, I'm glad you weren't a serial killer because the woods were freaking scary!

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cupcake said...

I forgot to mention the signs above the beds. I have one above mine that reads, "Always kiss me goodnight." To my complete and total surprise, so did one of the beds at the resort. I was so excited.