Monday, October 23, 2006

Homecoming Weekend


Of course this day began with lunch at the Farmer's Market again. It was just as amazing as the day before only this time pizza, pretzels, and chinese food were consumed. We didn't linger too long though because we wanted to get to the field at a reasonable hour since we weren't staying for the football game. Once on the field with tickets and beers in hand, I happily ran into my oldest Villanova friend and most favorite SAE boy, Brian. It was thoroughly entertaining and lovely to see him and his brothers. Of course he was full of charming and slightly inappropriate comments and gestures, however, he is the only boy I know who would is allowed to say "You are delicious" without receiving a knife hand to the collar bone. For some reason, Kristin and I are ok with his playful sexual harassment. (Brian, you know we love you). After some jovial banter, we parted ways and I bumped into my friends Gabe, Walt, and Katie. Gabe was his usual self, highly entertaining, and Walt and Katie looked great for being parents of two year old and three week old daughters. While being part of the festivities wasn't as exciting as it was the year we wore the "Big Wood" t-shirts, it was fun. I was very happy to see people I had not seen in awhile.

After the beer truck was closed and the field was clearing out for the football game, we headed to Bella Italia for pizza. For the record, this is not my pizza place, I prefer Garrett Hill. On the way, a special stop was made at WAWA for mac & cheese. I was in heaven and the girls were happy because I was quiet. After securing the biggest pizza box I've ever seen in my life, we meandered over to Justin's house for some very lively conversation, football, and high quality ambiance. We were so comfortable hanging out there, we did not go out. Instead, upon discovering Mrs. B. went to the bakery to get desserts, we returned back to "big red" for a scary movie (against my will), Law & Order, Saturday Night Live, and some of the best chocolaty peanut buttery crunchy goodness I've ever had. Oh, and the cream puffs were superb. These treats marked the last of our food consumption for the evening, much to my dismay. I tried to rally the troops at 11 to go to the Brew Pub to meet some friends then to Pat's, however, I was outnumbered 2 to 1, as the other girls were already in their PJs. Luckily, I received a phone call from my friend Dan, which cheered me up. After a lengthy conversation and quite a few episodes of Law & Order, we headed up to the glorious flannel sheets and, of course, another slumber party.

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