Sunday, October 22, 2006

Homecoming Weekend...


As shocking as this might be to most, our weekend was all about the food instead of the drink, with which I was more than ok. I arrived early Friday morning, just in time to take a nap and get up for lunch at the Farmer's market in Ardmore. This place is one of my most favorite spots to eat. It's the shiniest, cleanest, and most pleasantly diverse gathering of food I've ever seen. I cannot even say enough about my love for Ardmore's Farmer's Market. I had a nice pad thai with a side of delicious spring rolls and tempura zucchini. The food was delightfully fantastic.

I have to remark on two venues in Suburban Square: William & Sonoma and the Apple Store. This was the best W&S into which I have ever ventured. I could have spent hours playing with the gadgets and reading the cookbooks. Did I mention the snacks? The Apple Store was also super. It is time for me to trade in my C & F laptop for a shiny new Apple. These particular stores are a must see.

After my diversion, I wandered over to campus to get copies of my transcripts and to peruse the bookstore. I immediately noticed two things:
1) Everyone looked SO YOUNG.
2) The girls are not as attractive as they were when I was there

It was astounding. Once I overcame my initial reaction, I happily accepted my role as an alum. As far as my fondness extends and my memories are joyful, I do not wish to be back there or back to that place in time. While walking through campus and observing the hustle and bustle, I was overwhelmed with the realization I am no longer the small town New England girl trying to figure out how to succeed at Villanova. For that, I was tremendously grateful.

After the registrar's office, I gathered Johanna from her grandmother's house. She, Beth, and I decided to attend happy hour in Manayunk. We had an unremarkable dinner and even worse drinks, but that did not stop us from having fun, as it had been so long since the three of us convened in the same location. After appetizers, we headed to get more drinks at Le Bus, where we proceeded to devour the homemade pretzels they keep at the bar. All socializing and catching up stopped when someone got the bright idea to go eat cheese steaks at Delessandro's. Needless to say, it was necessary to sit down after our excursion. We chose good old Erin Pub on the mainline. It was very nice to have a Yuengling and to visit with the girls. Of course I had another revelation, as this weekend was filled with them, but it's not so easy to put into words. Just seeing how everyone interacted with each other conjured up a flood of emotions, one of which was relief. It was truly enlightening...

We called it an early evening because Mrs. B had a cake for us at home and the prospects of "big red" were more appealing than another drink. We crawled into the comfy flannel sheets of the beds and chatted late into the night. Sometimes, there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned slumber party.

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