Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My love of the Montvale Plaza...

My drive home spans seven states, 400 miles, and usually seven hours. Arriving and departing opens a flood gate of thoughts and feelings. I have to admit last night did not differ from any other trip with the exception of my experience at the Montvale Plaza station - the usual stop on my pilgrimages.

Of course the little travel mart was closed so I could not get a drink and a snack to get me through until Charlton Plaza (the best one on the route). I had to settle for Burger King, which did not make me happy. However, I made the best of it and grabbed one of the few edible looking items and the most difficult to mess up, chicken tenders, as well as a small soda to keep me awake for the remainder of the drive. As a rule, I do not like soda nor do I drink it, but I was in for a long night, and I did not have options. I pointed to the cup I wanted, only to be denied by the lady at the counter. She told me I could not get that size and it was too much money to waste on such little soda so I should get the bigger size. I told her it was not about the money but the AMOUNT of soda in the cup. I would happily pay for the larger size but only wanted it poured into the smaller cup. I had no argument about money with this lady. What was I supposed to say without sounding like a complete jackass? She just did not understand why I would want to pay the same amount for less soda so I gave up the battle by opted not to get any at all. I was sure there was a WAWA off an exit nearby where I could get what I actually wanted to drink. I was questioning my ability to understand the fast food world when the lady (Cledine was her name) brought me a little cup. This sweet and friendly lady chased me down on the way out of the Plaza to give me a soda. I was greatly humbled and thanked her. She refused to take any money and told me she did not think it was fair to charge me more for the soda when I was getting less. I wished her a good night and headed over to Dunkin Donuts. For some reason, I cannot eat their donuts, but I'm known from time to time to get two munchkins. Yes only two. I went to the counter, placed my order and low and behold, she (Geoges) gave them to me for free. I was shocked at my luck for the evening. With these random acts of kindness in hand, I skipped to my car knowing the ride home was going to be a good one thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Montvale Plaza.

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