Friday, September 29, 2006

My Birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday, which was one of the WORST I've ever had with the exception of a few things and some special people. Instead of dwelling on the negative, I've decided to share the ten items for which I am most thankful regarding yesterday:

1) Meg's Birthday email.
2) Beth's Birthday telephone calls.
3) The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure
4) Amanda and her mixed cds.
5) Lindsay, Andrew, Mary Martha, and Allison. Thank you for celebrating with me!
6) All the VPs singing "Happy Birthday" to me at work.
7) Champagne
8) Finding a great new venue to hang out at.
9) Receiving five voicemails and a bunch of text message today (Better late than never.)
10) Not being arrested last night when I got pulled over by the Scarborogh Police at 1 a.m. while driving home from the bar.

I composed most of this list last night when I got home in an attempt not to lose perspective. I'm hoping the actual birthday party is tremendously better. But until then, thank you to everyone who wrote, called, and celebrated with me yesterday. I greatly ppreciate it. (If you want more details on the disasters, please feel free to inquire via email.)


cupcake said...

Honorable mention goes to "The Economist" for providing quality solace between 6 p.m and 7 p.m.

Christopher said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! ( you were early for mine and I'm Late) So does that make us even??

Post-drinking run ins with Uniformed representatives of the law are never good. Glad to hear everythign turned out good!

cupcake said...

Why thank you. We'll start our club this weekend. You bring the cards and I'll cue up Law & Order.