Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday

Despite nature, we were determined to enjoy the last weekend of summer. With high hopes and our sights on the horizon, we ventured to Avalon, NJ for some time at the beach. We luckily missed the hurricane weather. The sun broke through the clouds as soon as we arrived. Beth and I took advantage of the pleasant weather by pulling out the bikes to leisurely ride through the expansive and mostly deserted streets. I love the streets there. They are unusually wide and perfectly manicured, therefore, easily navigated on a bike.

Shortly after our adventure, we settled onto the sun deck to read. Beth's mom joined us with a bottle of wine and the most beautifully decorated wine glasses I've seen. Her mother told us stories about her younger days, which were hysterical. However, they came to an abrupt end when happy hour was to begin, which is conducted downstairs on the porch. Mrs. B takes happy hour seriously and it's probably the best around. Happy hour was followed by burgers, hot dogs, corn (and corn taste tests) and the typical summer food for which we will all long until it's we can start our grills again next spring. All I have to say is, "Did you see those butterflies?"

Of course we ate too much. It required no effort to settle in to watch a marathon of Laguna Beach on MTV. Yes, I admit it. I watched Laguna Beach until Law and Order Criminal Intent came on. For some reason, Beth and I have a habit of getting attacked by the TV when we are together. I don't even have a tv at home. The only time I resort to the contraption is when I am sad (then I let Law and Order marathons appease me) or when I'm with Beth. The only reason we left the couches was for ice cream. I completely justified my behavior with the book I read during commercials (Of course I finished it, too thereby decreasing my guilt for being so lazy). We did move to the couches upstairs after ice cream. This is when, to Beth's complete shock, I professed my undying love for Vincent D'Onofrio. Yes, I would have his babies in a heart beat. I have no idea why this shocks people. Needless to say, another great night.

P.S. Courtesy of Sargent George with the Delaware Port Authority for the State of New Jersey police department, Beth is now accepting donations to pay for her "AIR BETH" experiment on the way to the shore. I think our excitement got the best of the pedal. Checks can be made payable to her and sent to her home in Pennsylvania. This was the highlight of our weekend. However, I will refrain from antagonizing, as Mr. B has that under control.

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