Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend - Monday

I would like to take a moment to lament the death of the Crocodile Hunter and my new found obsession with America's Top Chef. May he rest in peace and may my obsession find a similar abrupt end. I don't know what it is about the marathon that draws me in, but I could not help myself. The beckoning of the sunshine finally convinced us to pry ourselves off the couch to lounge down at the beach. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. My arms feel like they are on fire because it did not occur to me to put sunscreen on anywhere but my face. A small price to pay for being one with nature. Is there anything better than spending a day on the beach reading a book?

I was sad to leave Beth and her family. I had such a great weekend. As usual, my bag was stuffed with small tokens: a wine glass, books, magazines, food, and drinks (sometimes I end up with a pair of earrings, lotions and potions, etc. usually anything I compliment. Mrs. B cracks me up. I'm grateful for her never ending optimism and generosity). It's almost like Christmas when I leave. The holiday ended with a decision on what we will wear to the Halloween party next month and what the two of us think are the only important things in life you need:

food...wine...books...music...a great bed...and of course best friends.

I can't wait until Halloween. Oh and there's Homecoming for which to look forward...I am counting the days.

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