Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Now that I don't work in the entertainment business, I feel I can enjoy the cinema occasionally. Sunday night, I watched "Syriana." I really liked this movie. Politics were portrayed powerfully but not forcefully. I was moved by the events and the characters, which always makes for better viewing entertainment. Actually, now I'm motivated to learn to speak Arabic. I've added it to my Rosetta Stone list. The actors gave a qualiy performance and for a good cause. It just makes you wonder, when is all of it going to stop? Who will be brave enough to put an end to the obvious as well as the overwhelming misfortune? I admit it, yes I am political and yes, I want to save the world. But sometimes, I feel like the Lion in the "Wizard of Oz" who is always looking for his courage.

Watch this movie. It is eye opening. But you already knew that...

P.S. I am open to movie suggestions. I know I have about six years worth of catching up to do, so any help selecting titles is always welcome.

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