Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On a more serious note...

Recently, I watched a foreign film titled "Paradise Now," which is about the Israelis and the Palestinians and their conflict in Gaza. I wanted to watch the movie this spring after seeing the trailer but did not get the chance. In light of current events, I was motivated to seek it out. (A weekend of rain helped as well.) The movie was not what I expected but it motivated me to learn more about the issues at hand and the history of the people involved. I grabbed the most recent "Economist" to see the details from a non-American perspective, and I inquired about Lebanon from my friend Matt who was recently there. I was intrigued by all of my "research," which I plan to continue, but one thing I couldn't stop thinking about had more to do with fate. We have no say what so ever about where we are born. How fortunate of us to be born in this country and how sad it is to see such little support for those who did not get dealt such a great hand. Too many happily blind people sit smugly while others suffer tremendously. I'm not out to find answers or to rally for everyone to "save the world," but where is a sense of humanity?

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