Thursday, August 17, 2006

My night out at Vinny's

Wednesday night, I traveled to a lovely beach town (one of my favorites; god and future husband willing, I hope to have a house there one day). My sole purpose for entertaining a school night out was to be a wing girl for my friend Amanda at a bar called "Vinny's". This local hot spot has a "hip hop" night on Wednesdays for those who would like to join the 21st century. We strolled in at 10ish only to be greeted by her friend. From that point on, the night just got better and better. Turns out Whit did not need a wing girl; she was absolutely fine on auto pilot (and that boy really should reconsider the horrible bartender). Speaking of horrible bartenders, I do not know what she put in our drinks, but I only had two and half and was completely intoxicated. It could be I just don't drink that much, as I cannot remember the last time I was out (Matt's bday??) or she was giving me gins with splashes of tonic. So much for using a two drink maximum to my advantage. Under the influence, I left my post to go dance by myself. Don't ask, I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea. As soon as I hit the dance floor, I was greeted by a Jamaican man named, Wade. Of course I have no idea what he said to me during the two songs we danced with the exception of

"Do you have boyfriend?"
"Do you want one?"
...Oh dear, I should have lied.

At that point, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, then returned to my post. Eventually, the nice Jamaican man found me to get my number so he could take me to dinner at the "Red Lobster." I did not have the heart to tell him I actually do not eat lobster. It is only one of two things I will not eat. Another being a black substance somewhat resembling a sea urchin, maybe a blow fish, delivered to my table at Chinese restaurants. Both are icky.

Finally, we left the bar but not without being followed by two other males. We got into the car, locked the doors, and then rolled the windows down a little to inquire about what they might want. I have no idea what the first boy said to Whit, but the boy at my window informed me that on Saturday, I would be dancing with him and no one else. I just smiled and told him to have a good night. This is why I stay home. Scary.

Of course we did not drive straight home. We were distracted by the golden arches. Yes, we at a 10 piece chicken nugget meal without any regret. Then we proceeded home..Ah bed...

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