Monday, August 14, 2006

My disdain for American Consumerism

It's no secret that I despise shopping. In fact, I almost break out into hives when I actually have to go buy something, with the exception of grocery shopping, stationery shopping, and gift shopping . I love food, and I love to cook. I would consider myself a grocery store snob, but that is another story all together. I love to write to people. Yes, snail mail is my preferred method of communication. Therefore, buying stationery brings me great joy. I love to buy gifts for people. I find it entertaining and fun, but that is where I draw the line. As far as "retail therapy," well, I'd rather sit through another accounting lecture than go to a mall to spend my hard earned dollars. I absolutely do not think people from opposite genders should shop together EVER. Talk about torture. Boys, I know how you feel. I have only shopped with two males in all my life, and I could probably tolerate only one of them if I had to do it again. I do not plan to go with any future prospects unless it is imperative to his well-being or mine.

There are a number of reasons for my loathing America's favorite past time. I would like to attribute it to the accountant and the economist in me. I think a great deal of our country's problems lie in people's searching for meaning in a bigger tv. I have an entire philosophy on it should anyone care to hear. Another reason could be my being "fashionally challenged," which is evident in my "limited wardrobe" as my ex-boyfriend so graciously told me once. I could think of a score of reasons related to my childhood and Freud. However, I would like to attribute it to my apathy for clothing. I could do without clothes altogether if they were not a formality or a societal necessity.

Well, the reason for the long monologue is that I had to go shopping on Saturday to get clothing for work. What agony. After two hours of searching, fighting for dressing rooms with tourists, trying things on, and waiting a lengthy amount of time in lines, I ended up with a shirt, a sweater, and a skirt. Instead of forging on, I left. The return on my investment just was not there. How on earth is that fun? I think I will remain steadfast in my opinion about shopping.

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